It is important to protect your pet from fleas and ticks to help keep them healthy and happy. Fleas and ticks can carry various diseases and parasites which can be transmitted to your pet and even to you! In addition, both parasites are capable of causing severe skin irritation and allergy. Below is some important information on fleas and ticks to help keep your pet safe.

  • We recommend all pets in your household be treated with a flea and tick preventive year round, even if they live primarily inside the house. Unless there is a hard ground freeze during the winter, fleas will continue to thrive. Please feel free to contact us to discuss the preventative options that may work best for your pets.
  • It is important to keep your home and/or the area in which your pet is kept, as flea and tick free as possible. This can be achieved by preventing stray pets and wildlife from staying on your property, and the use of pet friendly environmental products when infestations are known. Even though your pet may be treated with a preventive, infestations can still occur if the area in which they live is infested.
  • If your pet is scratching frequently, they may have fleas. Just because you do not see fleas, or do not receive any flea bites yourself, does not mean your pet does not have fleas. Dogs, and especially cats, are very good groomers and are able to pull many of these parasites off before you can see them. We recommend you check your pet for fleas by going through their fur and investing in a flea comb.
  • If you find fleas on your pet, it is important to treat the environment and your pet, as well as wash all of the bedding your pet may use.

If your pet is not on flea and tick prevention, or you would like to discuss alternatives to the product(s) your are currently using, please feel free to contact the office to discuss over the counter and prescription options.