Halloween Can Be Spooky for Pets Too

Although Halloween can be a fun time for kids and adults alike, most pets aren’t quite as fond of the holiday. The doorbell rings far more often than normal, and then that’s followed up by a potential herd of excited children in costume- that is quite the scare! With all of these spooky happenings, even the bravest of pet souls may find Halloween a bit frightening. So today we will discuss a few tips to keep your pet’s safety and comfort in mind while enjoying the Halloween festivities with the family.

Frightened pets may bolt out the door during trick-or-treating festivities or during parties, putting them at risk for getting lost or even hit by a car. Therefore, it may be best to crate nervous or excitable dogs, or even keep your pets in a closed room the night of Halloween activities. If the noise associated with the holiday causes your pet anxiety, you can also discuss possible sedative options safe for your pet with your veterinarian. And don’t forget your outdoor pets too! Outdoor cats and dogs are safest inside on this night of bustling activity.

If you take your dog out treat-or-treating instead, it’s worth considering using reflective gear on them, as well as you and your kiddos! And although those costumes may be adorable, children can set off a territorial or fearful response in a dog, which could ultimately result in a bite. If your gut tells you that your dog doesn’t have the temperament for this, please leave him or her at home!

Poisoning can also be a common concern on Halloween. Cats aren’t typically that interested in candy, but some dogs can’t seem to get enough of it if when allowed unintentional access to it. Gastrointestinal problems such as vomiting and diarrhea are a more typical consequences, however some candy containing dark chocolate or xylitol can lead to much more serious, sometimes even fatal, illness. Please remind your children, as sweet of a gesture as it may be, to not share their candy with the pets.

While Halloween isn’t necessarily as noisy or frightening as the Fourth of July for fearful pets, it can bring about its own, unique fears for your pets. Ultimately, you know your pet best. If you suspect they may have some anxiety associated with the holiday, it may be best to heed the warnings above.

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