‘Tis the Season for Fleas

Andrews Veterinary Hospital Flea PreventionAlthough it may seem like fleas never went away this winter, flea season is in full swing currently! So now is the perfect time to discuss flea prevention management so that your pet can be as itch free and healthy this year as possible.

You may be surprised to know that the majority of the flea population is made up of eggs, larva and pupae- NOT the actual adult fleas we are accustomed to seeing. And these suckers are actually found in the environment and not on our pets! Therefore, the most ideal flea control protocol utilizes products made specifically for the various stages of the flea’s life cycle and treats the environment.

We are fortunate that today we have great options for fast acting, effective and generally safe flea control through the use of various topical and oral products for our pets. It’s very important to note that all pets in the house (dog and cat alike) need to be treated monthly for fleas. In addition, if your household has cats, it is imperative that you DO NOT use permethrin-containing products. This can be deadly when applied on our cats! Please read all package labels carefully, especially if purchasing over-the-counter flea products.

You may have found out over the past few months that fleas can live indoors, even during the winter months. Therefore, year-round prevention is fundamental to controlling flea populations. If you are having treatment failure, it could mean that the environment your pets are in needs to be treated as well. There are over-the-counter flea sprays and yard treatments designed to quickly kill fleas and stop their reproduction, but please ensure you follow package labels as some
products can be toxic if consumed shortly after application by animals. Also remember that if you vacuum your carpets or upholstery, discard the contents of the bag or the bag itself, to prevent any flea eggs from hatching inside your home.

If you’re struggling with fleas in your house and/or on your pets, please know you are not alone! Feel free to reach out to us at Andrews Veterinary Hospital for advice on various products and treatment options safe for all of your family.  Book an Appointment Now

The only AAHA accredited hospital in Cherokee county!

The only AAHA accredited hospital in Cherokee county!

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