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It is important to protect your dog and or cat from fleas and ticks to keep them healthy and happy. Fleas and ticks carry diseases and parasites that can be transmitted to your pet and cause illness and skin irritations. We have provided basic information on fleas and ticks to better serve our clients.

  • We recommend your dog and or cat be treated with a flea and tick preventive product all year. Unless there is a hard ground freeze during the fall and winter fleas will continue to thrive.

  • It is also important to keep your home and or the area in which your pet is kept is flea and tick free. Even though your pet may be treated with a preventive, infestations can still occur if the area in which they live is infested.

  • If your pet is scratching frequently, you may have a flea infestation. Just because you do not see fleas, or do not receive any flea bites does not mean your pet does not have fleas. Fleas naturally do not like humans. Humans are too clean. The soaps and fragrances we use are not appealing to fleas. We recommend you check your pet for fleas by going through their fur and possibly investing in a flea comb.

  • If you find fleas on your pet it is important to treat the environment, your pet, and wash all of your pets bedding.

You can buy outside flea and tick treatments at your local hardware store and Andrews Veterinary Hospital sells indoor flea treatments at our facility and at our Online Pharmacy.

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