Andrews Veterinary Hospital is a top-notch modern AAHA accredited Veterinary Hospital with Fear Free Certified Professionals that is committed to providing superior care to our community. Cherokee County is located in the southern part of the Great Smoky Mountains and is bordered by the states of Tennessee and Georgia. It is North Carolina’s Westernmost county. While the area is a true mountain town filled with friendly laid-back residents and exploding with picturesque landscapes outdoor opportunities, it is also only two hours driving distance from four major metropolitan cities. The county is rich in natural beauty with many lakes, rivers, streams, waterfalls, and mountains. The moderate weather our county enjoys is conducive to year-round living. Friendly folks and mountain hospitality await all who visit and make Cherokee County an ideal place to live, work and play.

Andrews Veterinary Hospital is a well-known and respected business in the community. We strive to create a lifetime bond with our clients and our reputation has grown to where it is not uncommon for our clients to travel in excess of 30 miles to reach our clinic.

The Cherokee County area has for a long time been a hidden gem of a place, tucked away and kept hidden by the lush landscape of The Great Smoky Mountains and The Nantahala National Forest.  However, over recent years, the secret has leaked out, and more and more people have discovered this friendly mountain region.  The low cost of living, low taxes, drop-dead gorgeous scenery, friendly and welcoming culture, moderate climate, and a quick commute to 4 major metro areas have made this area extremely popular for relocation.  This migration is creating an increased need for high-quality veterinary care and has amplified our need for high-quality veterinarians to join our established, successful, and welcoming team.


About the Cherokee County NC Area

Western North Carolina is a hot spot for outdoor enthusiasts.  If you enjoy the outdoors, there is literally no shortage of activities to do.  Below are some helpful links to hopefully help familiarize you with all the great things this friendly and quaint area has to offer.
Hiking and Biking Trails- some of the best hiking and biking trails in the area (note there are TONS more options as the Appalachian Trail also runs through this area, and we are situated between The Nantahala National Forest, The Great Smoky Mountain National Park, and the Appalachian Mountains.
Best Hiking and Mountain Biking Near Murphy NC
Watersport Activities in the area- another one of my favorite things about this area is that we have tons of creeks, rivers, streams, waterfalls, and lakes.  This provides lots of great opportunities for water sports. Here is a link to view some of the top places around here.
Watersports Near Murphy NC
Top Local Restaurants and Eateries in the Area- perhaps one of my favorite things about this area is that we have very little chain restaurants and the majority of our restaurants are locally owned.
Resturants in Murphy NC
Some Fun Things to do in the Area- a great sampling of some of the fun and interesting things to get out and do in the area (other than hiking, biking, and water sports)
Things to do in Murphy NC
Breweries and Wineries in the area- The Asheville, NC (about 2.5 hrs away) area has been named one of the top craft beer capitals of the US. Our area has recently opened several local breweries that also serve as gathering spots and often host social activities as well as live music.
Breweries and Wineries Near Murphy NC